What is slidingpast.com?
slidingpast.com is the official IDAHO archive that came online Nov. 1, 2003, and is maintained by longtime IDAHO fan, Brian Carter. The domain name is from the song of the same name, Sliding Past, which was released on The Bayonet e.p.. More details can be found here.

How can I contribute to the archive?
slidingpast.com greatly welcomes contributions, in any language, to help make the archive more complete.
Please feel free to e-mail

Can I buy IDAHO albums from slidingpast.com?
No items are currently being sold directly from slidingpast.com
To purchase IDAHO cds, visit www.idahomusic.com

What is Idahomusic?
Idahomusic is the record label that IDAHO own, to release & distribute music,
and is also the official website that is maintained by Jeff Martin.

What is/was Retrophonic?
www.retrophonic.com is the label and distributor owned by IDAHO co-founder, John Berry.

When did IDAHO start?
IDAHO was formed in 1992 by Jeff Martin & John Berry as a studio project that was soon signed to Caroline Records in January, 1993.

Where can I download IDAHO songs?
Songs are available on www.idahomusic.com, Yahoo music, www.itunes.com
There are several unreleased and live songs available on slidingpast.com, that were available at one time on idahomusic or are exclusive to slidingpast.com. Most songs are found on the unreleased page, but there are a few live mp3s available on concert pages.

Does IDAHO have a myspace page?
Yes, at www.myspace.com/idahomusic

Where can I find lyrics to a song or an album?
All lyrics can be found on each individual release's page and on the lyrics page.

What kind of guitars do IDAHO use?
IDAHO's guitars are custom made, 4-string, tenor guitars that are built by John Carruthers in California.
The best articles to read about IDAHO's guitars are:
Alternative Press - June, 1995
Guitar Player - January, 1994

What guitar tunings do IDAHO use?
IDAHO use several different tunings, some of which are noted on the tablature page and here

What other websites focus on IDAHO?
There has only been one other IDAHO focused site that Brent Ridley created, and was hosted on his college's server, but after he finished school, Brent generously sent the entire site to be hosted at slidingpast.com right after slidingpast came online. You can see Brent's site, here.

What videos have IDAHO made?
IDAHO made videos for "God's Green Earth", "Fuel" and "Live Today Again".
The complete videos for "God's Green Earth" and "Live Today Again" are available on the videos page

Who is Dan Seta?
Dan Seta is a guitarist/songwriter who joined IDAHO in 1994 and left the band in 2000.

When will IDAHO be touring again?
Be sure to check for tour updates here.

What is Something Must Break?
Something Must Break: Volume One is a compilation cd featuring 13 bands from around the world. IDAHO appears on the cd with the new song "Live Today", along with 12 other bands & solo artists who are fans of IDAHO. More details and song samples are available at www.somethingmustbreak.com.

What is IDAHO's connection to "The Days" and "Inconceivable"?
They are both television series that Jeff Martin composed the score for, as well as the theme song for "Inconceivable".

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