AUGUST 2000  
   idaho has released a collection of live material from 1993, people like us should be stopped live volume one, on their own imprint, idaho music. the cd is available at idaho music and on-line stores.

in addition to the live disc, idaho recently played a couple of summer shows in san fransisco, california and athens, georgia. the show in georgia was webcast from the 40 watt club on the digital club network website, where the show is currently archived in the live library section. at both shows the band played material from their upcoming release, hearts of palm, due october 10th.

  FEBRUARY 1999  
   jeff has just launched an official idaho web site at in the news section he says that they have finished mixing two songs for the shanti project, an aids benefit cd. the two songs are trip over, a solo-piece recorded by jeff in 1995, and a new song, the sun is all there is. the cd will also feature songs by hayden, low, misc, and red house painters. idaho has toured with both low and red house painters.  
  JANUARY 1999  
   jeff and dan are planning on spending most of 1999 working on a new record. the album should be more piano-based and soundscape-oriented than previous releases.

while they hope to tour, there are currently no tour dates planned.

   idaho's latest release, alas, is now available from buzz records. song clips are available in the sounds section. lyrics and more information will come sometime in 1999.  
   for official news please go to the official idaho web site at  
   for more news and discussion please go to the idaho bulletin board at imusic.