Jump Up
stay the same inside not gonna rake in you because i know that this feeling makes me part of you gives you more than something lets me be alright now i know i'll be inside your dream tonight hope i live longer than the troubles that lurk about my head alone are threats that want to finish me off without a chance to get to know the angels flown back to me let one in so instead i can fly

live you like a wave help you see the light that was always there nothing's in the way she will find you later or sooner if you never bend back so far again that you'll break your love away always walk a line choices always there you willl not succumb look what has begun something's knocking down your head it's got to be be now or you're dead body will not sing and you'll break your love away

You'll Get To The Bottom Of This
will you conjure up the life style don't matter much at all feel too good now to bring a voice in to break the silence filled with sounds like a windy haired sundown she will find out that you're lost inside the bell rings you can go now

as i fly above the roads the face is always there i can barely see through the trees i think it knows the way why are people so complicated why must i prove my worth less attachments are not gonna follow the same godless journey again and again

Only In The Desert
every sunrise lets you feel like you're on top of the world you feel we're all brothers insist on your wonder full speed ahead the heart leads the way hoping to me through yourself in the desert that you keep hidden that's the place you'll find the hot tortilla sauce that will save you make everything burning away

Run But You Ran
when you get in your car you always seem to drive some place but in 1981 you didn't have to be someone your love of life began there was no reason to run but you ran from the structure from the pain only it turns out you ran the wrong way all of your friends were nuts you miss being with them sometimes but now it's time to help someone else with something that you've learned a lot somehow you will recover from all this sick society's fun a lonely trip it's gonna be a very mysterious way to be free nothing will seem right outside until it's right inside

my brain is slow to catch up with all the joy that's everywhere clouded by all the filth i've left a trail of bodies in my wake up to dreaming through all these years about the wrong way to get around i don't remember when i left the ground there is a lot of homework that's settled down from the passing storm there are weeds whose roots have been reached ever nerve ending all possibilities for a spectacular floral coral moralistic life

Yesterday's Unwinding
how can i take any more of this winding back along yesterday's stuff just when i think i've got you figured out you take away my dream and there is only sleep i guess it's alright not to feel you always because if i did there would be no reason

Leaves Upon The Water
i remember more than i'd like to face myself as my gaze falls through the stories read at night will shed their light again to help me realize the gifts are all the creature wants to bring up to the surface you can see tomorrow 'cause i'm gonna find a way to change my mind about tomorrow why did i ever listen to everyone's many thought to leaves upon the water