The Worm

i hear that my ears are on fire for you
and i was exasperated i just don't like it
all the pressure cooking going against the grain of my days
lately i was dead i must be feeling astray

what you looking for
what you looking for

i ??
there's a question worth asking but i just don't know it yet
off to san francisco there's something licking at my heels
i'm a grapevine sucker punching up has never reached ??

what you looking for
what you looking for

i know the worm is gold and i know it will bring the life back to me
but i feel side effects
to heavy

what you looking for
what you looking for

Sliding Past

in the middle of the night
in the silver lining of it
you're the only one that's hearing
the highway sliding
sliding past

can you hide your breathing from
desperation that is building
speed up fast before you trip
the wires are crossing out of the sky

where you are
not alone
almost there
taking all the time you need
all the time
let it go

in the middle of the night
in the silver lining of it

Losing Light

losing light
you wish it always was
this time will throw you
yourself help the fight
clinch for nothing
deep feeling night will glow
if left alone
if you stay where you know
you don't no you really

never drive
run your ?
squeel free
squint through
the glass and the turns

it's watching disappear

i won't forget it
as long as i don't think about it don't think about it

Only Maybe

a withered eye won't see the helpless thing inside
but it knows what is helping
the regret that goes on searching for a light
a love thats sleeping
shivering in the sea
is not an ideal place to wonder
but it's the only thing that cuts the bone with a smile

someone will impress upon the sand that quickly sinks down
to a place inside to hide these treasures
try to keep them from shrinking
waiting on letters
going slowly
to feed a friend
that has the answers to many things

what does it feel like
sprayed from my hand
say that i would choke
when the face is deep in yours
i have a wasted heart/arm/art
you know that i can't help it
i will/wont come back on/to you
but sadly only maybe