The Thick And The Thin
traces of glory giving you the life you hold back the stories you know they're bouncing off your head aches and pains now for the will to understand where it's going and beyond love the body take it home before you sink back in times so thick with what you remember the only thing you don't forget you are forgiven by the stars love the body take it home because you know that there is nothing wrong with it

Hold Everything
when i lose all my only regret is that i cannot seem to hold everything inside where a story is learning to open out and never steal the help that's needed just to float away it's about time a new light blinded my eye to everything hold it closer see the blood in there i don't hold on anyone more or less any more because it always seems to get really heavy

i don't know how evil this could be this side of me there's no thinking when i'm on the rise this octopus is gonna spit in your eye so guilty yet alive now that i'm on my way to steal you i wonder if your beautiful scales will protect you from the knife that cuts the heart in two pieces i can't stay away when you give it away cut from your shell bending through my spine hey watch your back the net is wrapped around you tonight say good night forget your head like a dream who's sweetness fades i swear there's nothing wrong with you i'm just so confused and rolled up inside so rolled up inside

Apricots To Armagnac
you know the potion is real you know the light is there you drive all the way downtown just to be alone you fear your system is choking but won't beware desperate to find a body that won't go stale your stomach burns without desire your incompleteness leaves a lot to be riding the wave of a new melody shot from your body through the big dark sea avocados and grapefruits would do just fine but tension building is hard to work so you need a cow contradictions in balance you're ready to jump across the eastern borders and back to the west you're out for stories you're out for blood to love your selfishness is so insane does anyone see you for what you are you remember someone but she's run too far apricots to armagnac

Bass Crawl
you know you must avoid this unsteady nervous bound affection that twiddles it's days waiting for you to come around this love so under loaded yearns to fall it is not what is seems it's exactly what you need caught a glimpse of it and it cowered from your gaze just let it gain it's strength just let it go away run your fated way and love another day