Wondering The Fields
if you're given a choice you'll go where you know there's a weight that takes you down sometimes you see a chance it's leaving where you are not ready yet wondering the fields you're alive 'cause you break all the rules there's a lot to staying sane wash away all the traps are rusting away are you sure you're taking your best shot you turn a key and wind out just to get the rush of endless possibility breaking away feeling the day you're not going insane know your love is real know the time is not to waste true being in love again lie awake

20 Years
20 years old and the pounding in your ears everything was perfect you're never, never going home south kennsington up to edgerware road the key to the park you're never going home the stars fell into place but something had to give he got you to spend their money on a winter covered coat messing up everything and sent you flyin' home

For Granted
when you start taking everything for granted that's when the light turns red and you keep driving sleeping behind the wheel will leave you stuck on the 101 forever you know where you're going you just want to get there eucalyptus trees have traveled clear over the ocean and you can too because you've found the road and you can too because you found the road

On The Shore
i don't want to forget all the longing for the good things gone bad again give me strength to raise the stare let me keep what i have to grow did i have the face of a long lost friend that went down to the shore we saw what the meaninglessness goes around cause we took the road going down there i watch the sun go down again what i saw must have been real

Levitate Pt. 2

Santa Claus Is Weird
every light is on fire the final scene is empty your beautiful face is alive what the hell am i supposed to do i watch the meter drop i can't think about external judgment i wish you'd go away i've got to grow up someday the light is perfect now santa claus is weird

is there a question i am supposed to know the dirt from the trail has gotten into my lungs the light turns orange while the tank runs out never going down again i'll never feel like that again the dirt from the trail has gotten into my lungs never going down again i'll never feel like that again

Come Back Home
you won't give me a clue that i ever understand but i know you're giving me what i need all i've got to do is keep this reflection bouncing back and you'll let me come back home


Casa Mia
hollow point the damage is done we didn't know that this would all be gone casa mia is dust our friendship is dust bougainvillaea weeping over places we've lived turn into somebody else the free fall is taken for granted it's ok to lie back and let it all pass because if you don't you're body will crack and you'll let the heart go

everything you do what does it add up to move yourself to be where you're going to be when you are not here which is so darn much of the time what you gonna do to get back to the ranch time is on your side as long as it's here you're going to find her street l e v i t a t e