The Mystery

Itís a lie thatís filled with reason
Itís a code youíll never figure out
And thereís something about this machine
That tells you that this was the right thing ?

How can I bond with something
That doesnít have a soul?
Itís time to get the bottom of it
The mystery unfoldsÖ

Live Today Again

Didnít give me a chance
to show you that Iím true
Just as if the sky were always blue

I have learned to be here right now
I canít ignore the animals in the background

Itís so important to me to see you everyday
I really canít believe that I forgot how to run away

Put this time
Put this time away
I want to live today

Put this time
Put this time away
I want to live today

(live today again)

Live today
Live today again

When Sunday Comes

Give me the flower that I need
Iíll take care of it
I'll add bleach to the water

Iíll follow the usual procedures yes, I will
Iíll take my time and Iíll nurture it until it dies
I am careful when I cut the stems
I know how to deal with them

When Sunday comes and everyone is there

Because Sunday comes and it gets everything
Back to where it should beÖ

Have To Be

Seems the way that you see everybody
Changes everyday
It seems like every love - everybody
Should always feel the same

I wonder why
You have to be

The sun lights
Every time every desire
To feel the light I'm in
Seems like itís wonderful
But this life slips from my hands
See what it feels like to be one with the one I am

I donít know why
You have to be

Just Might Run

Your deep black eyes
have revealed to me
What your gonna say
If I get the nerve

To let you in on my little joke
That Iíve been living for
Thereís nothing left for me
You're looking right through me
Don't let this feeling down

Ďcause I might just run away

You Flew

And you flew far away
And you love nothing but yourself
Incredible lifelike maybe youíll just stay where you are

Donít you miss this feeling
What are you waiting for today

And around the bend came to late
I was sitting back with everyone else

Do i miss this feeling
What am i waiting for today


Tasted your air
And your lighter's smoke

But nothing ever let me go
Break my promise that keeps me safe
From feeling anything
Anything like this

And I want you to
remember me

And I want you to
remember me

Cherry Wine

Donít you play games with me
Iíve got a stick the size of a tree
I love you so i canít pretend
Where did i go wrong weíre more than friends

You wax poetic you shine my car
You feel so good in my memory
Weíve had our days weíve paid our dues
It's time to hang around for real
I know thereís a chance for us
It's really big like a cloud like a bust
Iím going to feel your pain as mine
We're going to love the cherry wine