Drop Off
nothing to do just getting thru a day by day will the spirits find whats really inside that needs to be fixed this tired machine that breaks too soon to the waves nothing breaks my trails are getting deeper all the time you are my friend i know ill see you again just dont drop off like the rest of them with all this pride and hopelessness inside i know its hard to let your demons go given to the waves nothing breaks my trails are getting deeper all the time nothin to do just getting thru a day that day is waiting for you

Drive It
pushing off the leaves theres no time to waste another youve been away on a drive and theres no way around instant kill that problem will break the only way to heaven you sink off to a place to rebuild your soured feeling you can fly pretty well right back to where you should be know its time flake away been so far eyed over nothing

Weird Wood
your frail emptiness is all that i tear from your skin only freedom comes with the beauty surrounding your eye what don't you say to me what dont you say to me she was once a queen but nobody cares and thats fine because im inside the glorious realm of your ways what dont you say to me what dont you say to me cause i know that i know that i must prove that my words are true and i will not fail to offer you gifts from my heart that will stay with you if it falls apart

i wish i could leave start a life that would be one with the sails in the sky cause i fear that theres not a lot left ive had my shot i cant get out of bed all i want is the glory yeah that i knew once before i got stung theres not a lot left ive had my shot and i have got to go to drown on a beach somewhere i will before you find me theres not a lot left ive had my shot am i am going home

could be so free but instead so dead so try to forget about the garbage that you have left behind so far so good still havent been caught doing the usual tricks that you under arms that do not love you anymore then the air that you push away from your soul to break off pieces that can see right through it there is a lot to grow

wind a golden wire around my crown this lazy life yeah gaze on by weigh the chains and now my air is going cause im running down running down my way say when my days are through every sundown sweeps on by ailerons and fire roads will cut their way to somewhere the junk will settle from the storm thats mine if the future has a story then let it happen faster cause nothing seems to blow up when it should cause i may have found theres a way to light a candle yeah only taken from those nights and you know that they dont ever live long i may be all right saturday and there are no reasons to leave my surroundings cause i am drinking my own stuff and i feel that i am getting high

i will not apologize for anything inside rawness comes in many forms but rarely from the fleshy stuff i know its very sad when you see a day come to an end but that ones gone and im not here to stick around cant keep it down cause you want to live it right can you pull this off my head is thick with oil but i like the way it sounds can i take it far from here without it burning out again the songs are cool but they hurt to sing and thats what i get when rub this time the wrong way theres nothing i can really say you give it back before your attacks the stuff it really needs pencil keeps my spine straight because if ibend my guts they would surely spill everywhere but where they should dont keep it down sleep to feel those songs that break all my stupid rules there are plenty to go i just hope they glow

its just a mystery wheres the time to kill with you before the summer is here much too warm inside day to day and far away i miss you much more in your room i float around with the water in your glass so glowing and i never want to leave why do i have to leave the ones before were weak and cold you know that im not scared you have taken my stupid self from the shelf i wish my ghosts would go youre the clown that ive found make them stay away youre the skull that i remember folded claws so sharp and lovely do i ever have to leave i never want to leave camouflaged i was hiding beside your fire cause i wait for you for all my life why do i hate to leave

Crawling Out
time is running low and crawling out of me hey so roundabout i cant seem to live the way that i was meant to be the way i almost was all there is left to do is start where i left off dont hide behind the layers of weakness from outside that are gone yeah

when will i leave this place i sleep and dream around your songs that never end with the wind so raw and empty to see nowhere i am going there dont you lose my life wont you tear me from myself forever what else can i do but pass your stories through me without a thought or a care to make them fit between the branches to see nowhere i am going there once you find my way save my creasing day dont you lose my life wont you tear me from myself through me forever