If You Dare
so rough to hide like a barnacle where are you going there is snow covering your blankets you wish you could love the loving how can you leave with nails in your feet learn to live inside out your map is burned without a second thought maybe you don't need it

only to lose my foothold me inside giving foothold me inside giving up for real the slope is hard there's got to be someone got to find a way out of a bind my legs grow numb there's cotton in my eyes driving down to the sea gonna step right off this state of mine can i frequently steer clear of my fate that catapults my sack of oranges here are there too many problems to withhold no one's hand because of the overflow never live enough when do i fill up summers getting old and i'm still out of it feel the power wane gonna shine you off gonna step right off this state of mine

Pomegranate Bleeding
inside let it happen or wash it away 'cause i know these questions are looking at me baking in the sun there is no sheltering me from the rays up high that i will not ever see breezing through the fog i love so i feel my way through wasted times out to drain my head the same thrill out of body given facelong for a hand 'cause it's trained on myself and the monkey in me like the way the handle feels get it off me dive into the sea with the oily fish and hold your breath a few days

i'll watch this sun go out i feel the breaks go down in the wreck of this hot rod there's a heart that can not control its blood flowing through parts that are not easy to find up mulholland this spinal chord i love its gonna make me break some rules i know the rust won't stop its so hard to cut it from the body all wrapped up there's a road i think i know it just in the back of my eyes are clouded with shame

Stare At The Sky
these eyes are weighted lives so in my head first fall i hope that there's a way to breath you someday am i just staring at the sky my crooked life is dead i hope that's not a lie i need to feel i might breath you again to stare at the sky there's nothing i can do so nothing i need to feel

No One's Watching
don't pretend to control what the twirl does a laugh tracks your way through but no one's watching the sameness baring down you lie awake without a thought you walk around the house but you don't remember anything cage so thin like a motorcycle with the fuel in your eyes you'll never make the turn around someday you'll throw the keys so far you hate the way you won't sit back and love the ride

Alive Again
inside this tree there is one endless sky like a drape of crystal smell thirty years are gone they all end in this house where the senses love to drown late december is what i'm feeling and it's still alive with its old lights and voices some go away some will always stay thirty years are gone they all end in this house where the sense's spirits drown

A Sound Awake
mistake anything lie one more time take another chance and freeze up again through the wires the moon is orange so something's right for once is enough so don't fake a heart that sees through itself and smiles with its eyes the truth in the wind against the leaves that stain a sight rarely seen a night to forget a sound awake on a hillside a mile deep is not enough help is on the way and all the stories sound the same

Glass Bottom
in the way what is in the way paralyzed you're calling to brave to wander there you are there aren't you going to drive that old car no i don't have a place to stay i've given up what i was the spirit leaks away 'cause my hope has taken me inside i feel that you know it that there's no way stay alone always it will be that i'm sleeping i know that there's one day when i try to find a chance never catch one so i will go

Get You Back
been by your side for a long while now you wonder if there's a way to break the peace in two save your light from the hole so black because you feel right above the nowhere and another day crosses out the map all the torn up roads are underneath your skin too much for you to carry on the same way will run down your fear is losing you to tomorrow's sun