AUGUST 2, 2000

Team Clermont “Big Weekend” at the 40 Watt Club


Next on the bill is Idaho. This California-based duo clocked in back in ‘93 with the devastating one-two punch of The Palms EP and the full-length Year After Year, both on the Caroline label. To date, Year After Year remains one of the most stirring and revealing musical monuments to human longing, emptiness and despair ever committed to wax, and the number-one, post-breakup album ever. Idaho is currently supporting People Like Us Should Be Stopped, a sampling of typically bravuric live performances culled largely from the tour following the now obscenely hard-to-find Year After Year. The band should also play a few selections from the forthcoming Hearts Of Palm, due later this year. Leave your dancin’ shoes in the closet and prepare to be soothed and overwhelmed. (ED)