November 2, 2000


Idaho gets lost in the shuffle

by Stephen Flood

Los Angeles is arguably the second biggest musical hub in North America.

So big is it, in fact, that some of its most interesting denizens, like slow-core band Idaho/get lost in the shuffle.

“We’re from Los Angeles, but we rarely ever play at home and are not really recognized by the local press or music scene,” explains frontman Jeff Martin. “Our records are predominantly written and recorded in a small studio in my house, which is in an interesting part of the city that includes a haunted mansion where Harry Houdini lived.”

The evolving line-up of Idaho has included Melissa Auf Der Maur of Hole fame and Beck drummer Joey Waronker. Additional band members have added to the vision of Martin’s bittersweet music. Sonically rich and beautiful, Idaho’s sound is the sum of a very interesting collection of influences.

“I love Duke Ellington and classical composers like Arvo Part and Henri Gorecki,” says Martin. “I also like emo punk bands like Modest Mouse. When we started out our music was very dark and personal, but it’s brightened up a bit — only a little though; I still love happy-sad music.”


Sunday, Nov. 5

Zaphod Beeblebrox 1, 27 York St.

8 p.m., $5