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Talk With Jackie
by Jackie Joseph


I want to talk about how conceivable the new NBC hit show "Inconceivable" really is. I was drawn to it by the goodness of its creative people like Marco, Mike and Jeff. And, the less than six degrees of separation I have between the substance and the staff. I somehow feel proud even though I'm not involved in any way except the way that life wafts people by...

"Inconceivable" was on my mind when I was a young woman aching to be a mother. What they had us go through, I can barely look at a thermometer without a shudder! Let's just say that I'm familiar with this subject from a most personal standpoint, and ultimately we adopted two children. So, although this may sound like a flighty subject for a TV series, it is very dimensional and very real life. And, with my support group mentality, perhaps it will let a lot of people know that they are "not the only ones" enduring the search for parenthood.

I know the composer, Jeff Martin, best (from the neighborhood), so I'll save him for last. "Inconceivable" was co-created by Oliver Goldstick and Marco Pennette. Now, Marco was the little brother of Jody Pennette, now a well-known restaurateur, who lived in my backyard and worked at Mamacitas, which became Cafe Francais, which is now Boston Market. (Jody and his girlfriend were going to campout on the sun deck for a weekend and stayed for a year!) Anyway, Jody loved his 12-year-old kid brother in Connecticut called Marco. Little Marco even came to visit. And now, he’s normal sized Marco and a big producer and writer. I'm thrilled.

Now, Tollin/Robbins is "Inconceivable's" production company, and Mike Tollin is one of the producers. I had a first hand opportunity to watch the decency of Tollin at a Girls Inc. event. We were in a small group that listened to girls pitching story ideas. They were impressed that Mike was the producer of "Smallville". Mike let the girls know that he was impressed with them and that he cared about their ideas. A quality person who is involved with quality stuff, like "One Tree Hill," "What I Like About You," and movies like "Coach Carter" and "Radio." Stories that inspire, educate and touch your soul. Tollin/Robbins Company has earned their trust…

Jeff Martin

Like a son once or twice removed, Jeff was one of the many local kids who played their rock music hearts out (read: studied their craft) in my infamous backyard, and he has stayed in our family life. A lot of zany outfits and burnished hair crossed my lawn, but Jeff Martin always looked like a regular person. He was always serious about the music, and now he's a significant composer. He did the theme for "Inconceivable" and writes the beautiful score. Very outstanding. And, Jeff's new record is getting rave reviews. How do I know? John K. Berry is the executive producer. The Idaho Music/Retrophonic release of the long awaited new Idaho album, "The Lone Gunman," is Oct. 25. They have developed quite a worldwide reputation with the"indie" band Idaho, where Jeff's singing is as affecting as his songs. "The Lone Gunman" is already drawing praise as Martin and Idaho's most experimental album, "a richly realized throwback to Eno's early work," or "Chopin’s preludes mixed with Radioheads 'Kid A.'" Wow. (At least I've heard of Chopin!) Once dubbed "the ultimate underground band," Idaho has earned international praise over its 13-year career – everywhere from the New Yorker to Paris' Liberation.

Jeff makes his serious/whimsical music (playing and singing) at his home, with his dogs Super and Tinkerbelle (rescued Greyhounds) in Laurel Canyon, which almost slid away during those awful rains. He likes Linores Vegetarian restaurant on Moorpark in Studio City. And he is loyal, with long time pal, and my friend, Dale Stewart who is doing his record publicity with Chatham Media Group. Dale says, "Jeff has practically made a career out of writing hyper personal songs of an inner life."

How more perfect can that be to score "Inconceivable"? We'll talk.

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