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October 29, 1992

Jeff Martin


Los Angeles, CA 90038

Dear Jeff,

It happens so rarely that I become obsessed with a demo tape, much less an actual release, its all the more rewarding and intriguing that the tape was made by someone from my 5th grade class. To me the most powerful response music can elicit is the ability to haunt. Sure, music can have a visceral impact, be catchy or complex or just plain rock but I've always been attracted to the power of the song and the best songs transport the listener spiritually, hauntingly. An album like Forever Changes by Love or songs like the Chill's "Pink Frost", The Byrd's "Everybody's Been Burned" or Big Star's "Back Of A Car" or Lennon's "Mother" transcend "normal" songwriting and seemingly suspend time. "Skyscrape" and "Star" hit that nail on the head.

It looks like I'll be coming out to L.A. during the week of Nov. 9; I'm sure we've talk about this previous to your receiving this letter. I hope that Caroline can provide type of atmosphere that will be conducive to your continued songwriting, and general musical development. I believe that we are in an excellent position to help you and John's songs reach an audience, one who will hopefully be touched by the songs like I and others here at Caroline are.

Enclosed are a slew of recent Caroline releases. I hope there are a few you enjoy.

Talk with you soon.