TO: Kim White

FROM: Brian Long

DATE: 9/30

RE: Idaho


Thanks for the fax.

To answer your Qís.

The Palms: 1095 (clearly a set-up piece not a seller at this point. As a set-up itís been wonderful; witness B-Side, Raygun, A.P. all confirming features before even hearing the album and of course the MM single of the week

Year After Year: 2155 The street date is tomorrow. Our ship out period covers four weeks after the date of release, unlike major labels. Reason being is that we deal with hundreds of M&Ps who donít pre-order and only order, at time once per month. We have set a goal of 5,000 shipped by 10/22. The folks in sales thinks this should be possible. We do not have soundscan. We are doing inventory today and tomorrow thus there will be no sales. Radio and Press mailings were completed this week and retail went last week.

Video: I sent you a VHS yesterday. Our video promotions person is Penny Rose. She will be doing the viedo mailing next week (weíre waiting for the CMJ cover). I will have her generate a list of those outlets serviced. MTV will be presented with the video in mid October, after some of the press has hit so we can come to them with ďa storyĒ.


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Sheri told me that Ellen Stewart heard that Idaho sucked at CBs. Could this be where Mark Rohinson heard this? They didnít suck,Ellen!!!

The show at Rajiís sounds excellent. Could you confirm with William Higham that Everett will be in town on the 9th, I know he will be in on the 10th but am not sure about the 9th.

When the West Coast tour is further defined, we should definitely talk about tour support. I understand Jeffs plight.

Please review the following IBD fax. After discussing the situation with Sabine and receiving this fax Iím really wondering if touring the continent is a smart idea. The tour support outlay will be heavy, the support slot situation is scattered and there is no release in France and Germany at this time. Nonetheless, the band should definitely do the U.K. tour and we shold get on William to work on a Peel session.

ďLove is like oxygen, you get to much and your gonna dieĒ

The ambient trip of the month: Irrisistable Force - Flying High (Instinct) yow!!!

The Orb plays L.A. on 10/15

Space Time Continuum w/ Terence McKenna performing on Halloween in SF, Iím there.