TO: Here To Go

FROM: Brian Long

DATE: 7/22

RE: Idaho


I just had a great lunch with Charlie Inskip. Some points we discussed.

We need to take more of an interest in the U.K. marketing plan. Charlie believes it is unwise to go for an NME feature this summer, heíd rather we wait until the album is out and the band go to the U.K, He also feels that we need to take the next step with Melody Maker. To do this we need to arrange two showcase dates in late August/early September for L.A. and S.F. The proverbial ďbig coming outĒ gig. Virgin/Caroline would make arrangements to fly in a MM writer to cover the shows and do a feature. From a U.K. perspective, Charlie believes this would be better than spending $ on advertising. That sounds good to me, I hope William Higham agrees.

The other element we need to nail is a U.K tour. We came up with a list of bands for them to tour with. Iíve split them into A and B lists.

A: Afghan Whigs, Julianna Hatfield, Godís Machine (Charlies big push), Stereolab, Throwing Muses.

B: Palace Brothers, Drop 19s (on Caroline but touring in October),Scrawl.

Letís get Mike Donovan involved with suggestions for the U.K. Is it possible that The Agency would have anybody compatible to tour with?

Ask Charlie and William Higham about the In The City convention in Manchester in mid-September.

Charlie will be in L.A, next week beginning Monday and wants to hook up with you. He also wants to meet the band and I believe he needs to see the studio to really understand the band and their music. Iíve given him your #. he is staying at the Gramercy Park Hotel. His time in L. A. will be tight but so please arrange things ASAP.

Other things:

Thomas Scott has not heard a word about the T-shirts. Whatís up?

Johnís passport

we will be doing postcards using the cover art.

we will be doing 2 color stickers. Any ideas about design and colors.

We will be doing a poster implementing the cover art.

Susan Bradley (who did the artwork) will be designing the ads.

I will have the comprehensive marketing plan together by August 6. Iíd hoped to have it done this week but Iíve got P(er...) NMS this week.

We will be generating both advance CDs and cassettes.

Whatís up with the ďGodís Green EarthĒ video

Ken Weinstein is generating a list of press goals to shoot for. Give him a call.

Debut on CMJ: #126.

Please talk to Caroline West and push them to get more Palms E.P, b into accounts.

Please brainstorm and come up with any unique and cool marketing/promo ideas we can implement into the full-on LP attack.

Iíll be back from vacation on August 2.