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DATE:    10/25/93

Following  is  a  complete  update  of all  response  from  press   who  have the IDAHO “YEAR AFTER YEAR” CD.

Please    refer   to   the-   tour   update   (sent   under   separate   cover)   for   tour   press information.

Please  advise re: the Mazzy Star tour asap.

Please  advise re: the status of the- video,

Please  send  me any  college  radio  chart   info.  (i.e.  CMJ   numbers?).

Chris Nixon would like to do phoner for an advance for the ROCKET—Please, advise if the Seattle date is confirmed.

I’m continuing to follow up with STROBE and BLUR in an attempt to set up both interviews. As you are aware, both writers are being less than organized

I will keep you posted.

The NET feature will be in the next issue.

Brian, please note » The RAYGUN feature will be out November 19th. This is the L.A. issue with L7 and Deborah Harry on the cover.

The ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY review ran last week (you have received via fax).

WESTWOOD ONE would like to hold off on the band playing live in the studio until ihe chart numbers increase (sorry...). They will still service a portion of the interview to their affiliate subscribers and will hold a portion for additional pieces once (he album begins charting.

Music  Monitor  will  run   the   feature  in  their next  issue.

The MAGNET feature is out now.    You should have received a copy via fax.

CREEM are running a Rock-A-Rama. They have declined on a feature at this time.