Le Zata (France)
April 1, 1999

(Buzz records, the USA, 1999)

Idaho is a state of the west américian, dryness arid and little populated, us the dictionary says. Idaho is also a group, américian, with the music intimiste. 'Alas' is in the continuity of the first 3 LP, without large surprises, but it does not weary us. The music ofIdaho is very slow, the guitars trail, over the rockailleuse voice of Jeff Martin. Idaho is in the American low-fi family step very far fromAcetone , Bros Radar , yes will have included/understood it to you, the zatapathique one likes the kind!) or of Hayden (with the very close voice).

One finds a female-intonated voice on 2 titles ('yesterday unwinding' and 'tensile'), an innovation compared to the précedents. Environments melancholic persons of ' alas' should allure the sensitive ears which are used to you as ear-phones. To locate the albums ofIdaho, here an infallible trick, a chart of an American State is on the back of the small pocket (Alaska for 'Alas'...).

Idaho left Caroline records for Buzz records, badly distributed in France... but to reassure you if your record dealer does not practise the importation, it remains to you the solution direct direct order (15$, starting from the site of the label below).

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