Americana UK
February, 2005

Various Artists “We Could Live in Hope- A Tribute to Low” (Fractured Discs 2004)

Odd timing that we should be reviewing this collection as Subpop are releasing Low’s new outing “The Great Destroyer”; we’re pleased to report that even though the majority of the artists involved here are somewhat obscure (The Winter Blanket? Migala? The Strugglers?), the results are very pleasing if you’re fond of slow/quiet-core and it’s megalithic champions from Duluth. Highlights are Mark Kozelek’s pastoral “Lazy” (faintly reminiscent of David Wolfenberger, actually) and His Name is Alive’s remarkable and spectacularly rambly “sunshine super low rmx” of “You Are My Sunshine”. Essential for Low fans, and a pretty cool intro for anyone else.
7 out of 10

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