March, 1997

IDAHO - The Forbidden EP (CD EP, Buzz, Pop)

Is anyone out there paying attention? Jeff Martin (who is Idaho) has been putting out absolutely incredible music for several years now...and it somehow seems to escape any sort of mass market whatsoever. Jeff started Idaho as a one man recording project, then later it became a full band. For this EP, he has returned to his original concept...playing virtually all the instruments and handling production on this EP. The results? Possibly the best batch of Idaho tunes yet...and that's really saying something. In the space of five tunes, this guy creates a stronger mood and emotion than most musicians ever could. The songs are "The Thick and the Thin," "Hold Everything," "Goldenseal," "Apricots to Armagnac," and "Bass Crawl." Incredible, beautiful guitars and subdued, pensive vocals...this is a MUST HAVE from a man whose music just keeps getting better and better. (Rating: 6)

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