The Forbidden EP


Five songs, all unassumingly bold in their still subtle impact, make this a good call for less is better. Instead of trying to squeeze out a full length, this thoughtful duo places the emphasis on their best material, making this EP shine from beginning to end.

Warm and inviting, like a dip in the blue tropical ocean on a lazy summer afternoon. The ebb and flow of the tide and playful currents bathe the guitars in a contented swirl of soft statements and echoed passages. There is nothing to get excited about here, as Idaho takes understated and emotional songwriting for a walk in the sun. The sparkly guitar tones and shifting deep bass glide along while Jeff Martinís vocals cut a more defined path through the blissful atmosphere.

Not a revolutionary record by any means, but one that displays the often-overlooked power of simplicity and subtlety. Highly recommended.

Mark Wieman