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September, 2000

Artist: Idaho
Title: "Hearts of Palm"
Label: Idaho Music
Reviewed by: Vinnie Apicella
Rating: * * *

I got fearful as I set out to listen to this, because I guess it just looked like a yawner. Plus, I was already spent from that new Rancid thing - man! So, on any other night but this, "Idaho" might have a better chance from my withering perspective. But I'll hold aside my prejudices for later.

Now, they're called "Idaho," but they're from L.A. What's going on here? Has anyone ever been to Idaho by the way? I mean, it's one of those places where you wouldn't even think of visiting in your lifetime unless maybe you discovered some long lost ancestry taking up residence or something. Well, what I'm getting out of this is pretty much as the name would indicate - a rather soft, sultry, folksy sounds, like a gentle breeze swaying over the fields. However, I'll say this much, the first song, "To Be the One," is terrific. As bored as I can get, if this one held my attention it's got something to it. Reminds me a little of this band Moist. You know, those Canadian pop/rock guys who do a nice mix of piano with guitar and endless melodies?

"Idaho's" a little light on the touch for the most part. I'd dare say its two founders are slowly awakening from an altered state of depression. Yet, on the other hand, it's sort of uplifting in and around its dreariness - particularly where the vocals swoon in and off the relatively darker image of the backing rhythm.

Don't expect to find 'em swimming comfortably up the mainstream any time soon. Their style is worlds apart from your basic pop/rock recesses. Very mature, sophisticated and deep, "Hearts Of Palm" is almost like a fall season, displaying emotional winds of change in the cool autumn air and not far off from the depressing season of cold, but still satisfied to view the leaves change and breathe deeply, as it longs for the fond memories of the past.

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