January 8, 2001


The night falls on Los Angeles. Jeff Martin and Dan Mushroom rambles by their tapeworms and dangerous avenues. But they are not scared, they enjoy the stroll accompanied by calm silence and the smooth breeze that caresses the omnipresent palms. Idaho insists on their new album (after acclaimed "the Wings", in that they counted on the collaboration of Melissa Auf Der Maer) in their personal fusion of rythmical languor and electrical intensity; a suggestive mixture of distortion and sonorous espacialidad that has taken to them to be compared with American Music Club, Network House Painters or Codeine.

Although in subjects like “To Be The One” or “Evolution Is Cold”, the voice of Martin evokes the heartrendering melancholy of Mark Eitzel, in “Hearts Of Palm” he locates himself to the wake of the last works of Pavement and I Have It, works of an extreme sensitivity, consequence of a process of sonorous distillation that single is reached with the passage of time. Idaho takes to eight long years polishing their talent: three Ep´s, five lengths, changes of formation, countless concerts... With the aid of Joey Waronker (Beck, R.E.M.) to the battery, Martin and Seta have drawn up a route that does not understand of short cuts nor deviations. Amanece to the distant spot and the sign of Idaho is stumped, hoping that the moon again illuminates the footpath that drags to us at night towards the heart. Piérdete in him...

Author: Roger Estrada

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