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September 18, 2000

Idaho, Hearts of Palm ( 2000 Idahomusic)

Jeff Martin and Dan Seta are the band here, and the music is low key, almost trance-like at times, like stumbling through the day on a valium-induced high. Martin's vocals won't win him any awards, but after a bit, the breathy, wavering slacker quality establishes a presence, and fits in quite well with the tunes. "Happy Times" plods along like a hangover despite its title, sounding like a 45 played at 33 (the younger set out there may have to ask about that reference), but it builds, and the tension from wanting to hear it speed up is fun. "Astrida" has some string scraping that sounds like a whale bleating in the Pacific, which is way cool. The other nine tunes are similar, a kind of primer to avant-garde music. It might not be overtly accessible, but it's cool stuff nonetheless. www.idahomusic.com

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