Penny Black Music (UK)

Hearts Of Palm
Idaho Music

Idaho's songs are windy and mystical, though rooted in a glorious pop foundation, delivering cold chills and haunting hooks along side bright rhythms and bouncy beats. Lo-fi sounding recordings carrying out the indie segment of the program. And the sweet vocals and undeniable hooks capture the pop and bring it forth. An addictive album from start to finish, idaho play tight indie pop sure to keep your head (and the album) spinning for quite some time. I'll give it an a-.

Sixth studio album, and first new material in 4 years, sure to please the bands loyal fanbase. Hot on the heels of ‘people like us should be stopped’, the first in a series of live recordings, ‘hearts of palm’ sees idaho pushing further into the simple and haunting territory hinted at on both ‘forbidden’ ep and ‘alas’, giving way to a more mature, thoughful and compostionally refined band, with the addition of 2 new players on bass and drums. Showcasing stronger musicianship and more personal lyrics, this set ranges from pure heartbreak to sheer breathlessness.

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