All Things Freeze At Absolute Zero (blog)
January 6, 2006

Idaho: The Lone Gunman

Its review time again. This time we've got an album (just out) by my favorite one man band, Jeff Martin's Idaho. Jeff has gone everywhere in making music you can walk. He's been in a two man band, a 4 man and now he's hoofing it by himself. This album is reminiscent of his great work, but its mellowed past even Levitate or Alas - there isn't even a hint of bass, its mostly piano and SHOCK, no 4 string guitars either. Its great stuff, but pales in comparison to my favorites by him. Jeff has a way of making you want to open a vein, or call up that special ex girlfriend out of the blue, or have an existential crisis. Jeff's a poet but he keeps thing straight forward and personal rather than wrap things up in metaphor. Lone Gunman isn't the place to start if you want to be an Idaho fan, but its a welcome gift for those of us that need to hear from our friend Jeff every so often - just to make sure he's still alive - cause when he dies, its not going to make the news.

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