Harp Magazine
Jan/Feb, 2006

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The Lone Gunman Idaho

As lone gunmen go, even Lee Harvey Oswald was suspected to have had an accomplice; Idaho's Jeff Martin is all by himself these days. But it's apparent in the sparseness of the lilting piano and droning guitar fuzz that that's the way he likes it. Consumed with making lo-fi sound anything but, you can hear the creaks and echo of The Lone Gunman's genesis, constructed in Martin's basement or some other private sanctuary. And the product is lovely. When Martin's voice softly fits the ambient mix, blending seamlessly, it crafts a beautiful melange of tumbling notes and tinkering beats. Hard as it may be to smile along with, every track has at least one jarring moment to lift the spirit. And Martin consistently hits his mark.

By Zach Bloom

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