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Idaho Music

Venerable l.a. based act idaho, architects of melancholic slo-core, will triumphantly release their first ever live album. Although it is their fufth full length release it is the first on their own indie label idahomusic. Founded in l.a. in 1992, idaho was part of the galvanizing (slo-core) revolution that including compatriots american music club, red house painters, and codeine. Their previous studio recordings have garnered comments from the melody maker like "timeless", and "astonishing". Live, the nme stated "theres a staggering, slow burning power to everything they do.". These 12 tracks were recorded over the length of a european and stateside tour and once again you can hear idaho’s blistering feedback and "luscious" vocals. They have a new studio album due in late october and are also preparing totour again.

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