New Music Express

March 23, 1996


Pomegranate Bleeding (Caroline}

Changes are afoot in the potato state. Picture the painfully withdrawn guy whoís always sat alone in the corner of the pub gradually pulling himself up from the stool, challenging rent-a-gob at the pool table to an all or nothing match, then winning on the black; suddenly, everyone wants to be his friend. Of course, this doesnít necessarily solve any of his problems, but...

Idaho are steadily moving from the heavy-lidded maudlin gloop of their early records into a place thatís still not, strictly speaking, jolly, but where the tension is allowed to break free and seek a little daylight.

ĎPomegranate Bleedingí is a lovely thing, a nest of guitars sprinkled with the essence of spring and dominated by Jeff Martinís sonorous voice as he revels in the possibilities offered by his bandís ever more worldly approach. If before he was Mark Eitzel fronting Codeine on a strict diet of Red House Painters covers, itís now something like Eitzel leading a countrified Swervedriver on what close inspection reveals to be a mere tattie skinís width from Single Of The Week.