Shanti Project Collection

There’s a couple of good reasons to go out and pick this album up. First, it’s got an amazing line up of artists: The Red House Painters, Low, Idaho, Hayden and Misc. “Follow You, Follow Me” by the Red House Painters, “The Sun Is All There Is” by Idaho and “Turning Over” by Low are definitely the gems on the album, I’ve probably listened to those tracks fifty or sixty times since I got the album. Melodic vocals, beautiful lyrics and acoustic guitars are the order of the day. The collection is perfect for relaxing and thinking.

Second, a portion of the proceeds from the CD benefit the Shanti Project of San Francisco. The Shanti Project works to better the quality of life for people living with HIV and AIDS. I’m sure many of us know people who’ve been afflicted by this disease, and anything that can help is needed.

What better reasons do you need? You get awesome music, you help others, you feel good about yourself, and everybody goes home happy. Pick up the Shanti Project Collection and listen to it, youll agree with me.