Metro, Silicon Valley's Weekly Newspaper
August 12-18, 1999

Various Artists
The Shanti Project Collection
Badman Recording Co.

Featuring new, rare and favorite tracks by the Red House Painters, Low, Idaho, Hayden and Misc, this benefit CD will raise funds for the Shanti Project of San Francisco, which is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for people living with HIV and AIDS. Emotional support, counseling and transportation are just some of the important services Shanti provides. While the dignified mood-rock soundscapes on this album are elegant, they are also incredibly dreary and the artists' songs all run together in one slow, melancholy, depressive sequence. The Red House Painters contribute a haunting cover of Genesis' "Follow You, Follow Me." Low's "Lazy," Idaho's "The Sun Is All There Is," Hayden's discordant "Choking" and Misc's "Tired of Myself" are also of particular note. Although the album is a strong compilation, it leaves one feeling terribly lonely ... which can be good or bad, depending. (SQ)