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The Palms EP


Idaho (from Los Angeles, not the Spud State) are one of those unique bands with potential as well as true human emotion. The Palms EP (Caroline) is a four-song collection of ethereal dreaminess and explosive tension given form and substance by John Berry’s slo-mo power chords and sculptured feedback. Jeff Martin’s vocals (sounding as if someone not only stole his dog, but also sent back its head in a box) hover above the sprawling guitar wash and imbue the songs with a forlorn and pained essence drawn from disenfranchisement with the world. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, however, Idaho (who are managed by Kim White and Erin Culley) use these emotional wrecks to create the compassionate and empathic compositions on The Palms EP. All four tracks (“Creep” [not the Radiohead song], “Fall Around,” “Gone” and “You Are There”) are worth attention. Keep your ears open for Idaho’s full-length debut, due out this fall.