The Palms

by K Paul Benedict

Itís very simple: if youíre going to sound like another band, youíd better make sure that band is worth sounding like, and that your version is up to par.

Idaho present us with a four song EP that sounds remarkably like Red Lorry Yellow Lorry. I really do apologize for making such a direct comparison, but I didnít know what else to do. Let me explain, however, that Iíve always found Red Lorry Yellow Lorry to be nothing short of brilliant, and that Idahoís music does not disappoint. These songs are stark, dark, and captivating. As with their forbearers, Idaho understand the value of keeping their music stripped down, achieving maximum impact from guitar, bass and drums. Jeff Martin sings in a deep, heavy voice that, at times, sounds detached, but, at others, full of sadness, and even becomes emotionally charged; on You Are There, he reminds me a bit of Thin White Ropeís Guy Kyser. Naturally, the wisest thing to do is to Ignore the comparison, appreciate how good this music is, and look forward to more from this promising new band.

Caroline, 114 W 26th St. 11 th FL. New York. NY 10001