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Houstonís Alternative News Weekly

February 15, 1995


Opening for the Cranes, Caroline recording artist Idaho glow their intensity.

When I went to sell this CD at one of those stores that will actually buy promos, the guy almost didn't take their disk, This Way Out. Once I told him that I wouldn't be selling it if I didn't already have on he changed his tune. Check out the CD at CD Warehouse. I know itís there, they bought it from me. See the band when they open for the Cranes. They're groovy in a way that only guys secure in the masculinity can be. Bordering on lethargic, they are beautiful groggy. Don't be confused, they are not the coma-inducing drug that is the Red House Painters, but they will make you comfortably numb. Famous for their warped misery, their sound can be recognized by the pleasant hum of fuzz and by their strange tunings. More cathartic than lethargic, I'm taking their tape on my drive to Colorado.

For some, this show will be just what you need after hearing that the American Music Club date at Numbers has been canceled.