IDAHO This Way Out (Quigley)

Idaho make sweet, sad music. Check the packaging - endless rolling waves -and the title This Way Out’. Are they trying to suggest something? Idaho are melancholy to the core, inhabiting a similar territory to Red House Painters, and even American Music Club (particularly in the vocal department), but they’re not mere copyists. They use guitars more imaginatively than those aforementioned bands, and even though the line-up is more minimal than on last year’s ‘Year After Year’ the music is more varied. ‘Weird Wood’ and ‘Sweep’ are right up my street, all aching chord progressions and world weary vocals. This is haunting music. ‘Fuel’ even rocks a bit, maybe like Mudhoney with a strong melody. ‘Glow’ pins feedback around another great tune and some honest words and ‘Taken’ is another sad piece which wanders around, slightly jazzy like Talk Talk with electric guitars. Cool. (JG)