RetroActive Baggage # 12
May, 1996

Three Sheets To The Wind

So, the pub is nearly empty. The people are quiet. The atmosphere is muted. She looks at me with those eyes. That smile. That tear. I'm not sure I can ...erm, wait there, I'm sure I've been here before. Too many depressing albums this month. Too many people dragging up memories, evoking stuff and generally being melancholy. But I'm strong. I can take it.

Idaho aren't blessed with the sublime lyrical skill of Mark Eitzel and rather than play 'mock jazz' piano tinged blues, rely on atmospheric guitar and fuzzy feedback to create their cool melancholic sound. Jeff Martin's voice is very similar to Mark's but has a deeper, more drunken drawl that works the blue moods of the songs perfectly.

This is their third album and is slightly, note; only slightly, more upbeat than its predecessors, yet still succeeds in creating the right atmosphere.

This album is never going to change the world. It's not going to particularly change you but it is a good album. So, when you are having one of those slow afternoons when nothing is going particularly well, your life is directionless and the sky is grey then Idaho will take care of the soundtrack.


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