Three Sheets To The Wind



First things first, Idaho have nothing in common with Kansas, Boston, Chicago, etc., they are really from California and from what their bio states, are poised to become the next-big-thing, in at least what is left of the college rock market. But, who knows, they could possibly be the next Collective Soul. The problem is that these kind of things are getting harder and harder to predict.


The above is not to take away from the talent of Idaho because they actually have a lot. The songs have a slightly elevated country tone that is warm and expansive, yet humble and thoroughly executed. The lyrics are in the depressed introspective vein, yet come across as genuine and heartfelt.


Boy, this is more glowing that I thought, but is well deserved. Idaho is touching without being sappy or treading on anyone else’s well worn roads of despair. They are in a category all their own that hopefully will yield many new followers in the future.


J. L. Long