October 2004


For years, Idaho have stood for a completely unique kind of guitar music, the kind that never goes out of fashion or passes its sell-by date. Starting in the wake of what was then Slo-Core, Idaho have since grown and changed into real Pop-strategists, creating magical yet unassuming songs somewhere between atmosphere and melody. Between friends: it's obvious that with Vieux Carré, Idaho have gained for themselves gallery seats in the theatre of Rock. Jeff Martin shapes the sound as a sleepwalking shiver, challenging singer, and with spherical, yet sharp-edged electric as well as acoustic guitars. The pieces seem like torn whisps of clouds in the sky, somewhere between David Sylvain and Kurt Cobain, between bittersweet ballads ("Before you go") and passionate Indie-Rock ("Flat Top").

For fans of : Red House Painters, Mogwai, Songs:Ohia

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