Idaho -- "We Were Young And We Needed The Money"
By Bob Ham

Since forming in 1992, Idaho has been putting out album after album of introspective and completely enthralling mood rock to little or no applause. Caught up in the swell of the "alternative" heyday that seemed to dominate the spotlight for all too brief a moment, Jeff Martin and co. might be seen by some as a mere footnote in the history of indie rock. The major problem with that is, unlike most of the bands that will take up the editorial space in years to come, Idaho are still together and are still putting out albums. Good ones at that. Even this collection of outtakes and rarities released to coincide with their 10th anniversary, puts most of the current indie scene to red-faced shame. Layers of shimmering guitar, tunefully straining vocals, and a keen sense of irony and wit, this disc, like their previous efforts, demands several spins to get at every detail lingering under the surface. You may scoff and say that it sounds like remants of a bygone era in music, but chances are you still won't be able to take it out of your CD player.

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