Mondosonoro (Spanish)
October 10, 2003


That no. That I refuse to say that Idaho slowcore is a group. Of course songs as "Signs Of Life" has a noticeable accent between Codeine and Red House Painters, but would not be right to classify of similar way to grandísimo composer, Jeff Martin, with an ample and much more rich musical perspective.

This compilation of unpublished subjects, extracted many of them of the time of "Year After Year" (Caroline, 93), to commemorate the ten years of existence of the band is a wonderful sample of the good one to do of the American, who shows a apabullante compositiva versatility, from the great subjects of pop épico ("Much Closer Now"), to jewels of the indie-rock ("Teeth-Marks"), and the mentioned facet slowcore. Which can which Idaho never has been a band sufficiently supported from the press, has located it (next to its disastrous tours, authentic adventures of highway without happy end) in a cult position, very looked for by other artists but very little thanked for with the artist and his work. Reivindiquémoslos. They are very great, and there they are its songs or discs like "Hearts Of Palm" (Idaho Music, 00) to demonstrate it.

Author: Jesus Sa'ez

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