Pin & Pon Djs (Spanish)

We Were Young And Needed The Money

From that seminal and crude "Year to after Year" (1993) (one of those discs that personally still we kept in a rinconcito of our heart) until the present "We were Young and needed the money" (Retrophonic-Cydonia Record, 2003) - indicative title on the other hand, Idaho has parido more than appreciable collection of songs where always a side melancholic, rather nonfree of sadness has predominated and, in some occasions, of desperation. Really, music does not stop to launch celebration rockets, but to enjoy from the withdrawal. Because the music of Idaho, does not fit doubt to us, is enjoyed. This already veteran band of the Angels is, in spite of it, one of those bands that happen quite unnoticed stops most of the mortals. From these pages we would like recomendaros to a group that although seem to be surpassed students of bands like American Music Club, Codeine or Red House Painters, shine with own light. Perhaps recopilatorio of unpublished peculiarities and is not the best form to enter to us in music to this band for the first time that, by the way, of Idaho has only the name (thus they decided to be called to consider that the state of Idaho is a place moved away of everything and mysterious). The sun of California and the palms (so present in its works) in fact seem to have been that have softened the heart of this quartet, specially of their soul to máter, Jeff Martin. In this recopilatorio you will be able to find a handful of wonderful songs that include/understand period 1992-2000. Jeff Martin is the only survivor of those beginnings of the 93. Even so, the band is lost no its peculiar sound near slowcore but with I touch to rock and folk, although during passing of the time its sound has evolved from the crudity of the beginnings to almost the sophistication of its last works. And this evolution you will be able to feel it here. From fuller the guitarrero rock of more or less appreciable songs like "Teeth Marks", "It eats Over", "Flat Top", the desperate "Shoulder Back", "Breathe" or the forgetfulnessable one "You draw up", until that slowed down style more than it is, to ours to understand, where Idaho gives its better compositions, like in "Social Studies", "This Day" (with that leaves vowel of Jeff that emparenta to the one of Mark Eitzel and that is repeated in several of the compositions), the gentleness to flower of skin of songs like "A second chance", "Nothing Wrong", "Stayin' Out In Front" and the wonderful "Signs of Life", raises and low of the pretty "Straw Dogs", the desperation contained of "Carefully Tuning", that deep voice of the Jeff of the beginnings in "Drown" or two jewels to ours to understand of this recopilatorio, "Much Closer Now" and "Spiral", are the access road for, if you are arranged, to begin to savor a discografía that is hoping to that you discover more to it in depth. If the melancholy calls to your door, the ideal sound track for moments thus can be Idaho. You do not doubt it. Heart and rocker, word melancholic nonhardened of palm.

Pin&Pon djs

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