# 19




Idaho swiftly and nonchalantly ease their tender sprawling soundscapes into the genre of music that includes American Music Club and The Red House Painters. Recorded  in their own studios the songs toy with your emotions and gently nudge you towards sadness, despair or exhilaration depending on how responsive you are at any given time. Skyscrape” is winding, creeping and embracing. It enfolds you with a nameless and formless power while ”Let’s Cheat Death” seems to increase your direct impression, and every item of the universe in it’s infinite content is separately realised.

”Memorial Day” is a celebration of a process which man has no control over and which continues until no trace of organic substance remains.

”Year After Year” is the acceptance of endless agony but at the same time is the alleviation that exalts a feeling of hope in a pale, lurid light. Beautifully impaired genius!