OCTOBER , 1993


Year After Year



I’ve eagerly anticipated this release since learning of its completion. Not content with earlier work, Idaho has created an equally impressive album. Sticking to the same ebbing slow-core introduced on previous singles and this summer’s Palms EP. Idaho’s radiating power is well-intact. Two tracks from the aforementioned works are included here in the form of “Skyscrapeand Gone.” The bulk of this material is new to fans and will be sure to delight. Stand-outs “God’s Green Earth” and “Sundown” fill this album with a warm glow, as do all of the songs. This seems reminiscent of a later Swans only more guitar based, steeped in ten foot high chord changes. Those who know me are familiar with my rants over this group but I feel they deserve it. Creating a new school of bands along with Red House Painters and American Music Club, Idaho will probably appeal to those who enjoy the more bittersweet aspects of life. If this includes you, seek out this recording.