DECEMBER 1993, # 10



Year After Year

by K. Paul Benedict

In reviewing Idaho’s debut EP a few issues back. I made an unapologetic comparison to Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, but, with their first full length release, they’re going to make me work a bit harder.

Let me start with something simple: Year After Year is a fucking amazing record. How’s that? “Well, explain yourself, K. Paul.” you say. Why, sure. Ever listen to a record and just, well, cry? Ever have sadness rush through your body like a cold January gust? This is visceral shit, plain and uncomplicated. Husker Du did It, This White Rope did tt, Catherine Wheel does it now. They take their anguish and turn it into a battleground, only they’re armed with just notebook pages, pens, and guitars. Like those other bands, Idaho make their guitars scream out in gut wrenching pain. In order to get his kind of feedback, something has to be pushed beyond its normal limits, so it is a perfect metaphor for what life does to us all every fucking day. And Jeff Martin seems to, have been through more than most of us as is consistently evident throughout his gravelly Guy Kyser-ish wailings. This guy hurts, and he wants us to feel just how much. As far as the Red Lorry Yellow Lorry comparison goes, I can still hear it in there, but I think that Thin White Rope and Codeine might be even better reference points.

So I’ll say it again. Year After Year is fucking amazing. You’ve gotta be serious to create this kind of aural pain, and Idaho don’t fool around for a minute. I recommend this highly, but only if you promise to hide the sharp metal objects. Enjoy.

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