09.11.94 Luna Park - Los Angeles, CA - w/ Downy Mildew

show review

Downy Mildew, Idaho
Luna Park
September 11

Mixing Pet Sounds-era psychedelia,strong, 10,000 Maniacs-style melodies and throwing in some violins for good measure, Downy Mildew has always been eccentric but accessible. But after countless years and records and club dates, they remain woefully underrated. The band, who've been kicking many of the songs in their set around for quite some time now sounded livelier than ever. Lead singers Jenny Homer and Charlie Baldonado (who consistently resist the trap of preciousness other male/female-led groups fall into) sounded wondrous together and, with few exceptions, never sharper.

Show openers Idaho have a budding reputation as a Dinosaur Jr. jr. that-they probably won't be out growing anytime soon: they rely on the same sort of thick, droning guitars, and lead singer Jeff Martin, in his stride, hits the same notes of irony and disdain that J. Mascis aims for. Idaho is widely considered to be a band on the brink of better things, and, judging from their Sunday night show, they deserve it. If they can keep their musical house in order, they might get it. Martin made Idaho's new disc, This WayOut, as a de facto solo record, playing almost all the instruments, but here he fronted a capable and hopefully permanent backing band.

Allison Stewart
LA View September 22, 1994