02.08.95 - The Middle East - Boston, MA - w/ The Cranes

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February 21, 1995

The crowd was a conglomerate of the expected new-wave/gothic types as well as members of the WFNX herd. If you ever thought that new-wave was dead, think again— the show was a veritable convention of Robert Smith look-a-likes. Idaho, an up-and-coming band on Caroline Records (the same people who brought us Fudge and Lords of Acid), opened the night with a really rocking set of melodic and hybrid thrash songs. Having listened to their latest release, This way out, I really was not expecting much from them.

However, Jeff Martin found his groove early, and held it throughout the set. They had a sound similar to Dino Jr., predominantly due to the singing voice/ style of Martin, yet their strength remained in their music. Martin needed some major help with his vocal cords so they downplayed his singing and gave more to the guitars and drums. During one of their songs, they broke out of an instrumental which made me want more. Hopefully this was a hint of what to expect from their upcoming MTV release.

The Cranes took the .stage about 30 minutes later. Their hair was as entertain­ing as their music, ranging from pigtails and pseudo-dregs to the Buddhist-monk shaver. Not surprisingly, they started off the set with none other than “Shining Road”.