02.10.95 - 9:30 Club - Washington, DC - w/ Cranes

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FEBRUARY 24 – MARCH 2, 1995

The Cranes with Idaho
by Bethany Matsko

Although Idaho’s music was truly worthy of attention, it seemed the crowd at this show was only there to see the Cranes. I know, I know, you wonder, “How can she possibly know that?” But you really had to have been there if only to witness the wonderfully dark Gothic crowd that amassed at this show. I noticed after Idaho’s second song, however, that the audience paid attention (stoically, at least), to the tight, subdued rock rhythms that Idaho seemed hard-pressed to extend. The band had a problem with feedback and odd squeaking noises here and there, but it didn’t detract from its performance. The musicians possessed an air of confidence up there, which was a bit magnetic, and so we all paid attention and swayed to Idaho’s wall of sound. This is a good, pleasing opening act for the Cranes.

photo by April Sauerwine