02.27.95 - The Metro - Chicago, IL - w/ The Cranes

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Chicago Chronicle
California-based Idaho comes to Metro Feb. 27
by Ami Adler
Arts & Entertainment Editor

Idaho, a rather unknown California-based band, opens for The Cranes on Feb. 27 at the Cabaret Metro in Chicago.

Idaho is promoting their This Way Out album that they released in October 1994. Their music is a mellow and somber tone over bits of feedback. It is melodic and something very relaxing. The mood of the songs reminds me of Dinosaur Jr.’s “Feel The Pain.” The lyrics are somewhat depressing, yet express the true nature of life. Overall, the music becomes sedating. It pulls you in and then won’t let go. This is Idaho’s second full-length album. Their song “Fuel” is in the movie Floundering.

This should be an interesting show, just don’t bring anyone suicidal.

Chicago Reader
February 24, 1995


On their third album, Loved (Dedicated/Arista), England's Cranes give their breathy goth-pop a broader textural palette, but the music still sounds wildly incongruous next to the helium-sucked warble of Alison Shaw, whose voice makes Juliana Hatfield sound like Wolfman Jack.

Idaho, who are, of course from Los Angeles, avoid any sort of chirpiness. Their second album, This Way Out (Caroline), is a somber collection that suggests a far less ? American Music Club. Leader Jeff Martin sets his bleak but pretty melodies in a fairly straight folk-rok setting while he laconically croons about life's difficulties. Not exactly uplifting or original stuff, but a nicely evocative bummer just the same.