04.23.96 - Sudsy Malone's - Cincinatti, OH - w/ Lotion

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IDAHO AND LOTION at Sudsy Malone's

Perhaps realizing the limits of "sad-core" - the slow-burning, restrained musical "movement" led by groups like Low and Stain - Idaho's new Caroline release, Three Sheets to the Wind, is a more diverse effort. A result of approaching the recording as a full band effort and not singer/guitarist Jeff Martin's solo record, Three Sheets' shifts in tempo and moods make the record a more multi-dimensional and enjoyable listen, rich with emotion and musical sophistication. At the recent show by post-modern vaudevillians Boss Hog, Idaho's bristling and thoughtful set was one of the night's few highlights. Lotion's rock steady Nobody's Cool is still the highlight of the year for me, and the group's stop at Caddy's this Winter was a phenomenal show of Rock classicism and Replacements-like playfulness. Should be a stellar night on Vine Street. No advance tickets are available, but expect a cover charge.

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