07.25.96 Sapphire Supper Club - Orlando, FL - w/ Lifter


07.25.96 setlist

01. jeff
02. the worm
03. shame
04. no one's watching
05. flat top
06. god's green earth
07. shoulder back
08. skyscrape
09. get you back
10. bladder

Idaho can be very dreamy, or should I say shoe-gazy (in fact, they did have nice shoes). I like their slow stuff but the rocking material doesn't have that "spacious quality" that the slower tunes have. I sat perched, curling up on the steps and took it all in. It was great because I was already in that spacy mood. Dan Seta spent his time in the space zone and Jeff Martin crooned with his lacklustered baritone voice. "This is wonderful. And gorgeous," i kept thinking throught the show. Yes, they did "Skyscrape." Plus some newer songs, but they were all loud. Lifter is okay. As with Idaho I like their slowed down songs. For some reason I think they are from New Jersey. I really have no clue.

This was billed as an early show to promptly start at nine o'clock. It did not start until ten....

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