08.20.98 - Satyricon | NXNW Festival - Portland, OR
w/ Sonic Chrome, Wes Cunningham, Half Film, Pinehurst Kids & Truly

show listing in Williamete Week


Jeff Martin and Dan Seta, two guys who play four-string guitars and work with a revolving cast of drummers, formed Idaho in the mid-'90s and released three critically praised, ethereal rock albums on Caroline before parting ways with the label. The duo didn't mess with its pretty-sounding formula when it issued an EP, The Forbidden (Buzz), last year, a five-song collection of glistening tunes that kept the tempo at a subdued trot. Martin's vocal range has improved greatly over the years, and he's lost the melancholy mumble that contributed to Idaho's pigeonholing as a slowcore band on the order of Low or Red House Painters. Live, he, Seta and their drummer du jour extend upon their well-written songs with effervescent and enveloping freeform jams that can make them sound like a less-art-rocky Sonic Youth. (RM)

there is a great review with photos from this show @ Sonic Press